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Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or a curious learner, SAIL is your canvas for growth.


About the
Innovation Lab

At SAIL Innovation Lab, we’re more than just a space; we’re a vibrant community where innovation takes center stage.

Located in the heart of Lagos East, we offer a dynamic environment for young individuals – students, graduates, entrepreneurs, and job seekers – to come together, learn, and create.


What We Offer

Coworking Space

Empower young minds with a dynamic learning, exploration, and discovery environment

Incubation Programs

Fuel innovation in our community by providing a nurturing space for idea development and validation

Tech Trainings

Equip individuals with the essential skills needed to thrive in today's tech-driven world

Social Programs

Foster a sense of belonging through diverse social activities, creating a welcoming home-like environment

Events and Community

Nurture connections and engagement with our events and Vibrant community

Lifelong Learning

Offer opportunities for continuous growth to small business owners, educators, and parents


What We’ve Achieved

Using a human-centered design approach, we conducted a survey in the Lagos East Senatorial District with a total of 309 participants. The participants served as an accurate representation of people who would either directly or indirectly benefit from the SAIL Innovation Lab’s co-design

We applied the methods of design research to allow us to do the following:

Design with Purpose:

We conducted a survey in the Lagos East Senatorial District, with 309 participants representing those who will benefit from SAIL Innovation Lab's co-design.

Problem Discovery:

Our design research methods helped us uncover the challenges faced by young people in Lagos East. We believe that understanding the problem is the first step towards solving it.

Insightful Engagement:

By connecting with the people, we gained invaluable insights and identified unique opportunities that can be transformed into effective solutions.


We worked closely with the community to co-create solutions. These ideas were not just imagined but prototyped, rigorously tested, and refined before becoming reality.

Turn Ideas into Action:

With human-centered design at our core, we've selected participants, embarked on field visits, and fostered visual engagements to bring positive change.

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Our Programs

SAIL Innovation Lab is proud to offer an array of transformative programs
tailored for the youth of Lagos East Senatorial District:

Data Science

STEM Education for Senior Secondary School Students

Dive into the exciting world of STEM through our embedded system fellowship

Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship

We empower educators with inquiry-based learning and tech integration strategies for the modern classroom

Tech Talent Development

Get help from Alex Moore, a professional business coach with advanced experience on growth and business scaling.

Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Testimonial

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SAIL Testimonials Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Cohort I

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Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Testimonial

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Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship Testimonial

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