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About the
Innovation Lab

SAIL is a unique space that offers cross-functional programmes and opportunities, as well as a basic foundation that can inspire young people in Lagos East (students, graduates, entrepreneurs, job seekers) to gather, learn and create. The space will foster a comfortable and safe environment that will encourage young people to see it as their second home.

If you are a young person living in Lagos East Senatorial district then we have opportunities for you.

What We

We provide an opportunity for a coworking/ resource space for young people to learn, explore and discover

We serve as an Incubation Space for Entrepreneurs in the Community that encourages idea development and validation

We serve as a place where young people can participate in training programmes for both soft skills (software development, technology) and vocational skills (tailoring, catering, fashion design)

We provide early child introduction to science technology engineering mathematics (STEM)

We run social programmes and motivational sessions (game nights, movie nights, exercise breaks, speaker series) that make participants feel like they are in a comfortable environment

We provide an opportunity for lifelong learning for Small Business Owners, Teachers, and Parents

Using a human-centered design approach, we conducted a survey in the Lagos East Senatorial District with a total of 309 participants. The participants served as an accurate representation of people who would either directly or indirectly benefit from the SAIL Innovation Lab’s co-design

We applied the methods of design research to allow us to do the following:

  • Discover and define the problems faced by the young people in Lagos East Senatorial district
  • Understand the insights discovered by relating with the people and identify the unique opportunities that can be turned into solutions
  • Co-create solutions that are purely inspired by a clear understanding of the insights drawn from the people in Lagos East Senatorial district. The solutions are ideated, prototyped then tested or validated before implementation
  • Implement the solutions that have been iterated

We applied the human-centred design methodology to carry out the selection of participants, field visits, and visual engagements

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What We’ve
Been Up To


We are running 5 programmes for young people in the Lagos East Senatorial district. The programmes are:

Startup Accelerator Programme

This programme is for young people who have business ideas that can be amplified by technology. The aim of this programme is to accelerate …

STEM Education for Senior Secondary School Students

The focus of this programme is to run an embedded system fellowship for senior secondary school students. The goal of this programme is to introduce …

Business 101 for Artisans and Creatives

In this programme, we will work with talented creatives and artisans (fashion, design, crafts) to help them better understand how to use technology in …

Tech Talent Development

This development programme will identify young people who are interested in a career in technology. Students of the programme will be exposed …

Lagos East Teachers’ Fellowship

Teachers will be introduced to inquiry-based learning and the use of technology in the classroom. The goal of this programme is to equip …

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